Lip Lab Party Agreement


  • 1–2-hour reservation (depending on party size) from start to finish as determined by Lip Lab Boutique at time of booking.  Reservation time will commence even if all attendees are not present.  Each half hour beyond the contracted timeframe will be charged an additional $50.
  • Attendee Gift – Makeup Bag w/ 1 Lip Lab Product
  • Dedicated Color Experts to assist all attendees with the mixing and manufacturing of custom lipsticks.



    • Each guest must purchase a Custom Service Package or spend a minimum of $65 USD / $75 CAD in-store. 
    • Promotions are not eligible to be redeemed for parties.
    • Length of reservation will be determined by the Lip Lab Boutique at the time of scheduling- most are 1 to 2 hours.
    • For in-store parties, the reservation time culminates when all lipsticks have been manufactured and distributed.
    • A fee of one hundred percent (100%) of the per person party fee will be collected at the time of scheduling the party. Host/Hostess is permitted to reschedule without charge up to fourteen (14) days prior to the originally scheduled time. A rescheduling fee of fifty percent (50%) of the total deposit may be charged if a rescheduling request is made less than (14) days prior to the originally scheduled time. The party fee will be forfeited for cancellations made less than fourteen (14) days prior to the originally scheduled time. No shows will be responsible for the total booking fee of the PARTY. No refunds or reductions of the deposit fee will be granted for the following: 1) in the event the number of actual attendees of the PARTY is less than the total number of attendees submitted at time of booking or final confirmation or 2) if the attendees arrive late or leave early.
    • Host may request to add more participants and pay a party fee subject to availability. 
    • Full payment for lipsticks is due upon the culmination of the Party reservation.
    • All reservations are subject to Lip Lab’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
    • Minors:  Parent/chaperone required if attendee is age 17 or under.
    • No outside food or drink allowed.



      • Displays, signs, and decorations may not be brought to the boutique without advance discussion and permission from the Lip Lab manager. Host/Hostess agrees to be responsible for any damage to the Lip Lap location during the PARTY. Lip Lab is not responsible for loss or damage to any property brought into or left in the boutique by attendees.
      • Please remind your Party attendees: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in situations that put our brand or staff at risk including, but not limited to, excessive lateness and/or intoxication.